Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movie Weekend

Last weekend, we went to watch The Hunger Game and Thor for two consecutive days. It was fun nonetheless, but it did take a toll on us as for the next day, the boys are restless and watching movie is fun no more.

So on Saturday night, we watched The Hunger Game; Catching Fire. It was the best movie by far, because I got to enjoy it till the last bit. Zarif latched on as the movie started and slept all the way until the end. Zairil ran here and there, making a wee bit noise resulting hp to take him outside and made him promise to sit still throughout the movie. Overall, really love the movie and can't wait for the last sequel.

For Sunday night, we watched Thor 2. It was challenging to watch as Zarif has his own mind, and literally made a scene in the middle of the cinema. So this time, I had to take him outside and calm him down. We stayed till the very last credit. There are only us and another couple who stayed behind as the cleaner team made their way to clean up the area. Another overall, i can't say much about the movie as i left when the storyline got excited.

It's been a while since we spend a day-out like this. Usually we went to the playground or run errands. I guess the only thing that stopping us from doing fun things is the kids. By that i mean, when we want to do something, that must include whether the kids can behave themselves, is the place children-friendly, all those things that we must consider before taking them out.

p/s: i know right, out all of the places to have fun; is to bring them to the cinema. then prayed they wont make a scene and let you watch the movie in peace. hmm, maybe we could go to other places next time? hopefully so.

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