Friday, February 18, 2011

Play In Group @ GBOB Trial Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 1st time we attend playgroup @ gbob...
~ 29 January 2011 ~

umm, dis entry just to join nadya's post playgroup @ gbob... and all da pichas are taken from nadya and ina adilla. thanks to them, ada jugakla gmbr si kecil masa dkt playgroup =)

since birth, zairil didnt get much chance to meet other babies, only when we're out buying groceries @ jj. therefore, he didnt get to meet and socialize with other babies around his age. so when nadya wrote bout dis playgroup, im like finally si kecil can have baby friends!!! and i can meet aydan and other babies and mummies too! talked bout dis to hp, and he approved!!! so off we went to gbob dat saturday morning.

being us, we arrived kinda late, which da playgroup had started for about 15 minutes. @ 1st im like 'xnakla masuk, dah lambatla. segan pulak' then changed my mind coz dh penat2 siap n drive jauh2, xnk pulak masuk? cari pasal ke aper?

so we missed da 1st session. da nxt session is playing with blocks. while mummy stack da blocks, da babies will tumble da blocks and they will listen to different sounds- if da blocks is stacked higher, da sound is different from da blocks dat is stacked lower. and while stacking, mummy will say 'on top' - da reason behind is to train our babies to put thgs ontop of sumthg, for example, put your shoes on top of da shoerack, put your book on top of da table.

later, da parachute time. da babies are placed under da parachute while mummy and teacher sing them songs. later, bubble time where babies can play with da blown bubble. nxt is time to read da flashcards to da babies. lastly, discussion time where mummy told bout babies favourite food.

da session last about 45 minutes. evntho its seems like a short period of time, to me its da best 45 mins ever bcoz my si kecil can play and meet other babies!!! (and i can meet other people too =D ) and i must say, i like da idea for my lo to mingle around other babies @ early age so dat he get da chance to play and get together with others! and it makes me happy to see him happy so i guess dis playgroup is da best thg for him.

hp waited for us downstairs, and he's happy too seeing us happy, thus he said lets make it our weekly routine to dis playgroup. so basically dis is wat we did evry saturday morning =D


Nadya said...

yeayyy..see both of u tomorrow!!hihi

Ain Alida said...

orite nadya, jupe esok eyh!!!