Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 3rd Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 4th time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board...
~ 19 February 2011 ~

for dis week, we manage to arrive a bit early than other2 weeks. so we didnt miss much. when we arrived, mummy & baby are umm, doing some exercise routine?! sumthg like bringing baby up & down using our feet. i dnt kno how to describe da xtivity, but to sum up, its like an exercise routine with our baby!!! and zairil really enjoyed going up n down with mummy! cuma im kinda exhausted coz its really burning my thigh n calves la!!!

nxt xtivity, owh i really love dis one. its a parachute ride!!! dis time, we put our babies ontop of da parachute and we pull them around da room. there are three babies, zairil included with his two other friends just sat on da para-para, in a very good balance n enjoyed da ride around da room. they are totally cute together!!! and no baby cried, they watched their mummies singing to them and pulled them around and around!!! sungguh comel yg comel to da max!!!

nxt is umm, ape yea? owh, evrytime when we arrived home after da class, i always jotted down all da xtivity dat we had for dat day. so whenever i wana play with si kecil, i opened up da book and do da xtivities with him. ok, after dat is bubble time followed by beanie bag beaninie. while da babies played with da beanie bag, all mummies tell bout their babies teeth. zairil still had two lower teeth only. dont kno when da upper teeth will come out. probably soon la kot?!

then we did some flash card. for this flash card, there are two different sides of da card. what zairil had was, dis pichas of lil gal smile and sad. but zairil is just happy waving da card up and down. so i guess he is so happy dat day. and to end da session, is da signing. so for dis week, is da help sign. umm, dis one is by placing your closed palm-make it to a fist and put it ontop of your other open palm. get it? i think you can google it and find it by yourself la kan?

for dis week, many many babies attend da playgroup!!! sgt suka si kecil main dgn byk kawan2. il post da pichas later k. take care everyone!!! assalamualaikum =)

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