Saturday, February 19, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 1st Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 2nd time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board...
~ 05 February 2011 ~

umm, da 1st time attend da class, it was a trial class for playgroup stage II. umm, i really didnt put much thoughts into it. i mean, my early attention attending dis playgroup will be for zairil to mingle with other babies and datsal dat ive in mind. but as hp see us happy attending da class, he said lets enroll zairil to dis playgroup and make it our weekly activity. so im like, really? we can come here every week? we can spend time here @ da playgroup? he said, why not? umm, ive a bit kesian for hp bcoz he have to wait for us. but he said, its okla. he didnt mind waiting. sangat manis hp =D so dis time around, we enroll him and dis will be his 1st class @ playgroup stage II.

so again, we arrived late. 1st session is already finish. (im sure every week we'll be late, sorry teacher watie!!!) so nxt will be blowing water from a clear cup. dis is to stimulate and makes bubbly sound for babies to hear. dis part, zairil sgt blur. bubble in water? weird sound? wat da? so he's now a bit scared. later meraung kejap!!! he's a bit moody today!!! so i held him in my arms. when he's a bit ok, then i put him down.

we did some hippidy hop, then sing a song - the people on da bus..., later bubble time, then a picture matching game. for picture matching game, there are three pichas on da card, and a single card is held by mummy. mummy will make a story bout da pichas, talk to da baby, then show da single pichas to compare which pichas are da same. later for group discussion - baby's favourite song. and for signing - how to sign please.

dis time around, there's not many babies today. only three babies including zairil. maybe due to long holidays. umm, no pichas too for dis session coz there's no one to take our pichas =(

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