Monday, February 21, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 2nd Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 3rd time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board...
~ 12 February 2011 ~

we arrived late as usual. but a bit early than last week. so da session is just started. for da 1st activity, its about ball. babies are kicking da ball - so mummy says kick while gesturing kicking to da baby. then later we played passing up da ball to the nxt baby.

da 2nd activity, teacher watie put da teddy under a table and hid da teddy with da parachute. this is to encourage da babies to seek da teddy. well dis time, zairil is a bit grumpy already. he just sit there staring @ da teddy, didnt make any moves. so i jst let him, but nugged gently to encourage him to get da bear. he did go to da table, once his mood is a bit better dat is.

next, all babies are put in da middle of da parachute, and da parachute is rotated. its like making babies kinda like flying. well dis activity is for balancing. but again, dis lil one is out of da mood. so i held him while he watched other babies played with da parachute.

he loved da rattle time, loved da sound of da rattle. and he will go and get da rattle himself. dis time, i guess he's in better mood. he even played da rattle with zayra. sweetnye tgk diorg main sama2 rattle tuh.

later, da bubble time! zairil loves bubble, so he enjoyed himself with da bubbles. then we did some hippidy hop and picture matching game card. mummy will explain bout da pichas, and there is one matched pichas to show to da baby. dis is for baby to recognize da same shown pichas.

dis week signing is thank you. place your hand over your mouth and let it fall forward. its hard to xplain it in word, hope you get da picture. and for discussion time, its bout baby favourite color. zairil i think its green. but hp said orange but now i think he likes blue. so zairil, what is your favourite color hunny? tell ibu eyh when you tell it yourself nanti =D

so dats about it for dis week. dis week, more babies were here @ gbob. so its fun to see many babies around. kinda miss zara, when she will come again to da playgroup. hopefully mummy zara will bring zara again =)


MiShi_Ka said... us some pics of the playgroup...sounds so much fun...i wish i was a kid again..ehehe

Ain Alida said...

will do dbah. tp x byk sgt, sbb tgh sebok nak buat xtivity sambil melayan si kecil nih. ada tp sket2, jadila kan?

bile kite nak jumpe ni dbah?