Friday, October 28, 2011

Break Down

it was such a lovely evening today, so i decided to throw out the piling garbage and move the car from parking under the tree. later on, i said 'why not we take the car for a spin?' so we did, both of us; zairil and i went round the carrefour and then turn to the playground.

by then, i saw black clouds coming towards us. it was so dark, but i said 'alang2 dh smpi cni, mehla kita main jap' so zairil pun main2 slide, lari2 sket, climb da stairs, then it started to rain. more like a shower. so i jst let him have some more slides.

out of a sudden, it rained heavily that we have to rush to the car. at a glimpse, i saw double rainbows at da horizon, i don't know why, but it gave me a shiver. the rain became heavier.

zairil protest at the back of the car, still wanting to play at the park. i tried to comfort him, but he kept on crying. so i let him be. i insert the car key and tried to reignite the engine. nothing happened. i tried to change the gear, nothing happened.. i started to:
  • panic
  • freak out
  • cried hysterically
  • scream
  • take a deep breath and cried some more
  • thinking that this is some kind of a bad dream and tried to wake up from it (stupid thinking, great ain!!!)
i did all the above. at the same time, i checked the phone and the battery was dead, great!!! thank god there's a charger inside the car. i waited for the phone to charge, then i don't know whom to call. hp is thousand miles away, and zairil kept crying and crying ='(

the solution i could think of is:
  • left the car at the park
  • call a mechanic (but i don't have any number, it's always been hp who dealt with them)
  • asked for someone to help
  • walk home in the heavy rain with si kecil (since i don't have any money with me to take a cab)
  • pray to Allah, please please please help me ya Allah
later, i switched da phone, tried to call hp but to no avail. i sms him and told him our situation hoping that he could help from far. then i cried some more ='( at dat moment, i felt so angry at myself and  regretted, why am i in dis situation? kan bagus duduk diam2 dkt rumah je, xdela pape terjadi. but instead, i went out. good job ain!

zairil is still crying out of frustration, and i cried with him. gosh, i am shakey all over and i have a baby to calm. i gave him a tight hug, and he stop crying for a while, but later vomited over me. as long as he stop crying, muntah pun muntahlah.

suddenly, my phone rang, and thank god, hp called. i cried while talking, then hp calmed me, asked me what happened. so i told him, there's this emergency light coming out which i didn't switch it on, then the gear won't budge, and i couldn't start the car.

the 1st problem is, it is concerning the alarm. so hp told me the step to switch off the alarm (a bit complicated step,so i won't elaborate, only will remembered it by heart) i did exactly what hp told me to do and now the emergency lights are off. and the engine can be reignite. later, the gear wont budge a bit. so hp told me to move the car back and forth so the gear can be at the right place. i did that, in spite of the car is so heavy and i felt powerless against it.

alhamdulillah, the gear is in place and the engine is running. and zairil is now calmed. no words can describe how grateful i am to Allah, sending me help even from far. thank you Allah, You've always been there for me when i need You the most. and thank you hunny for your hunch (came back to the hotel to check on the phone and saw my distress message)

overall, it did gave me a shock and i am traumatized from this experience. i know that this may be nothing to many of you, but to me it is such an ordeal. first, i seldom drive the car, so i don't know much about the car. later, i never face this kind of situation in my life, (i never face car break down on my own before) yes it became a shock to me. next, hp is away from me, so i don't know what to do, as i rely on him 1000%.  then i have a toddler with me which make it impossible to calm him and work out the problem at the same time. finally, pregnant woman can't think straight! well, this is my own excuse, so yes not all pregnant woman can't think straight right? scrap that, i can't think straight when i am in trouble, so that my final excuse =)

what an evening, despite of what had happened, i will still drive the car and try to master it. hopefully the car will be at his best behaviour when i'm the one whose driving it. so escape, be nice to me all the time ok?

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