Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're Home

assalamualaikum... ai net and evryone. wow, sgt lama jugak eyh x tulis dlm nih. umm, for a start, hear my sincere apology yg konon²nye poyo nk terus letak gmbr dkt cni. little dat i kno on how busy we are after marriage nih. so net, sorry eyh. kesian kaklin hari² bukak site nih tp xde gmbr kn? so today, being a good sister after a bad one, kakin try upload gmbr kt cni eyh. umm, it wud be easier if you can access da facebook, leh tgk byk², tp dkt cni pun okla kan?

umm, however, to be honest, dkt kakin ada sket jerla gmbr net. tu pun kakin amik ikut handphone wic is before da ceremony. lps tuh, my hands are tight behind my back, sbb dah xde masa nak jd runner utk amik gmbr dah. so when you come home, we will see more pichas together eyh. yg kakin letak nih, yg kakin amik sendri eyh.

so before da pichas, lemme just tell a tale a bit, jst to refreshen da memory. but its all darn blurry already. ofcoz there's a lot to tell, and ive no idea to start from where. so i think i just leave it in me memory jerla eyh, and let da pichas do da words.

alhamdulillah, dpt byk sgt hadiah. ive expect sket, or none bcoz i dnt want to burden anyone. ive only wanted from all da guests are their prayers and doa and hopefully we all are blessed. but, evryone just love seeing me dwelled with tears. so thank you so much evryone!!! saya sgt berterima kasih dan sgt terharu di atas sume pemberian sume org!!!

and till last friday i still received gifts. sgt terharu kn? and dah dua minggu pun org masih lg ucapkn selamat pengantin baru which i replied delightly - eyh, dah x baru, dah dua minggu dah jadi pengantin =) but, since evryone in happy mood, why shud i ruin it rite? so let them be happy and i keep on smiling anyway...

overall, rite now, im blogging from cheras, our new home. well, my new home, since hp have lived here since last year. overall da surrounding is great, i love it here. but once evry while i miss home. rindu dkt sume org. no wonder evry bride cried after akad nikah, its da separation dat really hit rock bottom. umm, we did spend time here (cheras) and there (gombak) and lari² jugak so dat we wont makes evryone at home terasa kehilangan kitorg. at first, i thought mcm sume org wont feel dat way, but i was wrong. mak ckp dis and dat, made me feel awful and i do wana be in two places at a time, but dats not possible kan? hopefully evryone will adjust and adapt. and no worry, cheras n gombak is not dat far away, mcm ulang balik ke uniten jer rasanya. no more tears dah okeh ain?

thinks datsal nk bebbles. net, kaklin luperla bwk cable. skrang tgh try transfer guna gigi biru (blutooth) harap² dapatla eyh. so kakin try uplod gmbr nxt post okeh? kakin rasa nk berenti dulu tulis, tgh sakit pinggang nih td mengemop dgn kemas dgn masak dgn sidai n lipat kain. so i think i shud get some rest dah. nite² net and evryone, sweetdreams. assalamualaikum...


ellyWong said...

ahhh.. nice to know everything is good for you :D

yup, can't wait for wedding updates!

Whitemusk2508 said...

I'm happy for you too ain..moga beroleh kebahagiaan dunia & akhirat, insyaAllah

ain alida said...

elly - ofcoz wedding updates soon to come. but a bit later eyh elly. mean to write sooner, but later eyh.

aton - thanks aton dtg hari tuh. seronok dpt jupe aton dgn fakhrul, dgn dgon dgn aton. rasa mcm dkt skolah balik =)