Sunday, April 05, 2009

Be Right Back

olalala... lala ola... wat an intro da? i dnt kno, dat da words poppin out of my mind to start with... so all my favorite people, how you guys are doing? still hangin tough? i hope evryone is doin fine. im fine myself and evryone in da family doing fine, thanks to Allah da greatest...

sorry net and evryone for da long awaited post. my fingers arent able to dance on da keyboard dis couple of weeks. at one time, i almost write why there isnt any new post on da comment box when i realise halloo, dis is my blog, so why da heck i didnt update it da 1st place? wat ever, lets just continue...

hmm, a lot to tell, but i guess being employed as a teacher do drain all my energy till da last of it. i barely made it to da room to sleep. it was exhausting fun after 6 hours yelling teaching dis brats kids. wat a day evryday!!! i always look forward for weekend. but then comes monday where da cycle begin again =D

to begin with, lets start with da wedding. so wat about my wedding? nothg much yet, just da simple stuff being ready. ive made da list but to lazy to keep on checking and crossing all da stuff dat isnt prepared yet. so lets worried bout sumthg else, and let mak pening-pala-dgn-perangai-anak-dan-menantu-yg-buat-derk-je-nih-pasal-kahwin-mereka =p (mak, leks la. ada lg dua bulan jer lg. we can aja aja fighting next month alrity?)

bout skool, da same o same o. nothg diff, only dat im a class teacher for dis one particular class. teaching them math, always rolling my eyes backward each time they didnt memorize forget the multiplication table. other than dat, the kids are being kids. nasib baik anak org, klu x lama dah kena lempeng, muahahaha.

wat else, abang finally run his business. im not gona elaborate much on dis. but if anyone has any problems regarding their cars, do come and tell. i wish him all da best and hopefully abg will success. aja aja fighting!!!

orite, i think datsal i can come up with. will write more, but till next time. so for da mean time, do take care and be happy =D assalamualaikum...

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