Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sumthin Stupid or is it Confiusion?

when i tend to do sumthing stupid/silly with my siblings, for example baru td aku wat lawak x senonoh: cube tgk hingus/booger ini! - sambil memegang balm yg kalernye sgt oren dan membuatkn mereka membuat muka mcm geli!! ahaha, sgt priceless ble tgk muka diorg mcm tu. then abang pun mula la membukak statements yg berunsur ugutan: nanti abang rakam kang lps tu tunjuk pd hp. bia dia tau perangai popop yg sebenanya. dan sgt disokong oleh adik sambil merecall kn balik lawak2 ku yg x senonoh. nganga =P tp kn, sgt menyampah betul bile statement ini keluar dari abang ku itu. its like instantly il behave like a well-manered young lady again in a matter of sec. punyala power statement itu smpi kekadang malas nk wat lawak dgn diorg nih. but i kno they mean no harm, just their way to psycho me back.

i guess being with my sibling is different than being with h2b. i wana act normal, and i always act normal with him, cuma agak cover sket. ckp pun agak bertapis, n gaya pun kena sopan sket. bukannya dkt rumah sgt tidak sopan, tp i kinda let loose dkt rumah. not wild, just loosen up a bit, tp not too loose sbb nanti kena marah dgn mak pulak. i guess wat im trying to say dat probably im a different person when at home or bein with him or bein with you guys. i kno i shud have let him see me the real me, sbb once we're together he's gona see the ME anyway. but with him pun im still me, cuma da side yg sgt attention-seeker and babyish n mengada yg akan keluar. when im in crisis-mode with him then the evil me yg akan keluar n im pretty sure dat he had seen dis lil evil for quite sumtimes by now, muahahaha!!!!

so the big question, am i being pretentious when im around him? do i have split personalities? which character am i exactly? all that i kno is, i use to change according to whom im with or the situation is. like with my friends, il be in dis character, when with mak bertuka pulak, dgn klin lain, dgn bb pun lain. so is dis normal? ke aku je yg abnormal? are you guys like dis too? plz tell me korang pun sama bcoz i felt im goin banana bcoz of this constant changing personality. or is it constant changing emotion? is personality differ from emotion? aiya, sgt confius. tp guys plz, im totally honest when im wt u. who ever i am at dat point is who i wana be at dat moment. tgh psycho ke, tgh weng ke, tgh nk ngamuk ke, tgh mengada x hengat ke, it is still me, da me yg happen to be at dat point. okayla, stop cni dulu. karang tulis byk2 pun lg pening pala. hv a happy day yea, always praying for the best for all my special people... till later... =)

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