Saturday, January 27, 2007

Exhibit B

This is another project that i've helped my mum with. took me couple of hours to do it. at first, i did it cincai jer. i asked my mum all the requirements as we sat together, then type here and there... walla, there you go, this thing can be used to do the head count. have you ever heard of it before? neither do i. basically this is a program that can assist the teacher to predict and target how many student to get A's, thus it can improve the school's grade. i thought i did a good job, fulfilling all my ma's requirements and every details my mum instruct me to do. then, i did some testing to make sure the calculation is right, asked my mum is there any more info to add and later on i switch off the pc. But surprisingly, what i did is not good enough or to be exact, tak lawa because of cincai boncai. this is the expression of one of the teacher after she have a look into this program. i mean, to me as long as the calculation is correct and all the sum is nicely done, that is a good job. but to some people, we have to touch up here and there, put some make up on, then the program is tremendously excellent. what ever, so tonight i did some make over... and the result is as you can see from exhibit B, or you can name it as you wish...

This is the grand exhibit B, where the touching up is made. Not forgetting, i hid the calculation and locked it so that no one can do any altering and no changes can be made if it isn't authorize by my ma. um, the one of many thing that i love about my mum, she is very practical and she doesn't really care about this crappy shite. as long as this thing work and can produce the exact figure, then she's happy with it. but it is a bonus mark if it look damn gorgeous right? and it is priceless to shove it to some of the peaky mouth-loaded people right? muahaha, so priceless it is to shut people making such a fuss from really nothing. what can i say, some people really give headache to some other people. they probably enjoy it very much and make it as one of their hobbies. well, you can do what ever you wish to do, but as long as you stay freaking away from my ma, then i'll leave you alone in peace. but, if you dare to step up closer then i would dare giving eye-shadow enough to touch up your shitty face =) well, i don't mean to be rude, sometime this is the way to deal with this kind of people. say our stand, make sure they know our stand and we'll be fine i guess... anyway, i do hope that this new and improve (yeah rite - actually the calculation and the sum is just the same) program will be a problem solving and help the teacher to help the student. May force be with you teachers!!!

Dearest Me,
Ain Alida


WaNiE_CuTe said...

wah...bertambah maju sekolah aku....Berdirinya sekolah kita, bagai obor putera puterinya...Sekolah Menengah Gombak Setia manabur jasa baktinya...hahahahah teringat lagu sekolah

ain alida said...

sekolah kite dah maju x hengat skrang!!! ofis, bilik meeting, bilik guru sumer dah ber air-cond. sronok pulak p lepak2 dkt situ. itu jerla yg sempat aku round. tp mmg bestla semengkeb... majula semengkeb!!! btw, wani... ko nih, taip lagu skolah pun salah... apa daa..... jomla kluar weh, aku dah lama x tgk cite... lgpun ayahanda ku sudah memberi bonus bulanan padaku, bolehla joli angelina jollie