Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Puzzling Mind

For this post, i just want to tell probably the stupidest thing i've ever done recently... first, it sounded kinda funny, but right now it's ripping my heart, bringing heart ache and bothering me ever since...

To begin with, let me tell how much i would like to buy a birthday present for my dad, it's on last December. i've been saving up some money from my pay check-didn't have lunch or breakfast, eat my hart out while watching my colleagues shopping during friday break, etc. so before december i managed to save more or less RM 2,100. The present that i want to buy for both of my parent is cell phone, Nokia N70 for my dad and Sony Ericsson Z610 for my mum.

After doing some online survey, i found out that it's still not enough since i want to buy my own phone too-K800. Something came up, my brother told me that we could get less price by buying through this someone from the internet. So i say, what da heck, lets try it. after a few contact, chatting through the ym... i thought we got a deal. well, let's just cut everythg short since it is kinda pain the arse writing it in details. i got ripped off, lost about RM6,000 ++. sound bull shit rite? but this damned shittin someone said that "no, u're not ripped off but u've to send me some more money" due to this shitting reason this and that... he kept on giving bull reasons, in da end i just say quietly to myself "Ain, please stop doing anymore charity ok. just consider it burnt and let gone be bygone"

yeah, yeah... it is stupid letting go RM6,000 burnt just like that when rite now im not working and been starving myself for the last 4 months.... in da end, this shit happen and i didn't get anything... if i kept on thinking about it, it really is driving me mad. but after some slow talk with me own self, i should just let it go... i try not to blame it on all the african and nigerian... but sometime i just felt sickin tired just passing through a nigger. damn those stupid liars, i prayed hard that they'll get pay for what they've done and rotten thousand death in hell

believe me, i really never thought anyone could fool me, such a naive thinking. of course through internet, you can easily lie to almost everyone!!! what was i thinking? believing 100% to this someone i haven't even met and hardly know about this so call hyperclass_cellphone company... that's why i keep on paying to them. they kept on giving too many reasons for me to keep on paying them such as demorage fees, custom fees... well, before i made the first payment, i asked them in detail whether or not we have to pay the custom? is this the exact sealed payment we have to make? then, they said "yes, this is all you have to pay". after the first payment, they pretend to say "oh, we're sorry. we don't know that you have to pay for the custom, or else they will seize the goods". after arguing, they settle for 70-30 payment. 70% i've to pay, the rest they will cover for me... so, this is some of the reasons they're playing to keep asking for more money....

so guys, be careful talking to strangers. you can believe almost no one through this internet. even after they keep on telling how honest they are and how much they wanted to help you. this is a hard lesson i've gone through. i just hope no one else has to go through it again. for these culprits, stop this scam to others. i've been praying for them to get what they deserve. what goes around comes around right?

for now, im really worried that my mum is going to find out about my "missing" money. ive withdrawn exactly RM3,000 from the tabung haji account. i hope i could top it up before it's too late. but right now, i dont think that will work since this march we're going to japan. ive to withdraw for some more money from tabung haji. last week my mum have a look at all the account books. but some how i manage to hide mine. next time, i dont know what rubbish i wana tell my ma. should i confess and tell the truth? or should i just hide it till i can top it up some how? this really is a puzzling mind... ="(

Dearest Me,
Ain Alida


Ms ARA said...

hi ain!! really sorry to hear wut happened. r u alright? hmm. don't worry now, i'm sure that everything happens for a reason..

wahhh. going to japan in march? ish. so jealous meh. my bf went there last year, so syiok one! huhuhu.. well, u take care aight.. have fun there!

p/s : i just love the gifts he bought for me during "white day" in japan, especially the kimono look-alike robe! *wink*


ain alida said...

ai mrs ara... okla ms ara for the time bein... its ok, my mistake actually. guess ure rite, evrythg happen for a reason... ada hikmah di sebaliknya kn... yup, kitorg plan nk p march ni, nk melawat2 abg kt sana... main purpose nk jalan2 je, so x shoping2 pape. tp, klu ada rezeki, maybe il bring bck some souveniers wokeh... i've seen ur pict pki kimono tu, kaler pink kn? so comel... amikla gambar byk2 ek... u seem so happy dgn mff, i wish for ur hapiness forever more k. and gudluck with the training... hopefully, the lady luck will alwys be by ur side...