Friday, December 16, 2011

@ 1 Year & 10 Months

  • knows most of his body part such as bila tanya - mana mata? tunjuk mata. nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, fingers, toes, dgn pusat. all in english except for mata dgn pusat. he learned it from your baby can read cd. mata from his atok and pusat definitely from me =D
  • i like to make him sayang muah before doing something that he wanted. contoh kalau zairil minta susu, suruh sayang muah dulu baru i made a move to the kitchen. seronok bila dia sayang muah sbb he will say muahhh comel je dgr =)
  • dah pandai ckp susu bila nk susu. thank god for this, yela sometimes bila dia nangis2 xtawu nk apa. rupanya nak susu. sekarang dah pandai ckp susu, its like da greatest thg ever!!!
  • still loves to dance-off. i should put a  video of him dancing. comel tgk dgn tangan2 gerak. lembut jer, switfly dance to da wat ever music =)
  • bila nak buat something wrong, i immidiately ckp heppp, heppp, then he will stand and cries his heart out. i let him cries for a while before hugging him. then terus senyum. manjanya ini budak =D
  • so yes, he will respond to heppp, a sign for him not to mess around too much.
  • loves water, which kid doesn't right? susah betul nk keluar dari bilik air. and yes, he loves puddle too, saje je pegi lari2 dgn lopak air dkt taman. abis basah baju sume.
you are soon to be a big brother now sweety pie. dah rasa besarnya anak ibu nih. be a good abglong to adik k. ibu sayangkan abglong nonetheless k sayang, muahhh =) 

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