Tuesday, June 14, 2011

@ 1 Year & 4 Months

  • "I See, I Pick, I Eat" i thought we 're gona skip dat part since when he's crawling, he didnt pick & eat stuffs off the floor. but now, we have to keep our eyes fix on him. if not, he will think food grows on the floor and pick anythg he could find and eat them!!!
  • "dah dah dah" to evrythg. especially when getting dressed, and diaper change of course. he will squirm and squiggle and wouldn't sit still and keep on saying dah dah dah and if i didn't hold him tight, he will definitely run off.
  • doesn't like dark places. we just switch off da lights and he didn't go to da kitchen or into da rooms. but this didn't apply if da light is off and we're in da room, he will still come in. and it will be a bit tricky to put him in da car seat if we travel at night. klu siang, ok je dkt car seat, tp mlm xnk duduk dkt car seat.
  • likes to throw da ball and run after it. comel je tgk terkedek2 run aftr da ball.
  • likes cars and knows how to push da car on da floor. i didnt teach him to push da car, he learn and figure it by himself. i'm always amaze with babies's capability to learn from their surrounding. sgtla pandai baby-baby ni kan?
  • likes phone, and likes to pretend calling and talking to someone from his imaginary phone. why imaginary? semua benda pun boleh jadi telefon. his car can also be his phone.
  • suka mengemas, nothg unusual bout dat. all babies like to ngemaskan. but i hate it, coz sumetimes he loves to slam da drawers w/o thinking his safety. takutnya klu jari dia tersepit. careful k hunny? ibu x suka tau zairil sakit jari.
  • still suka tutup pintu evrytime he went into da room. privacy sungguhla anak ibu nih. tp hati2 yea, jgn tersepit jari dkt pintu k.
  • still keep doing arms up, clap clap clap, abis dah, bye bye bye and muka comel. but depends on his mood dat is.
  • klu sebut mana mata/hidung? zairil akan tonyoh2 his lil index finger to our eyes and nose. sakit tawu kena tonyoh2 mcm tu.
  • still likes doing tippy toe and turn around when i sing da song to him.
  • likes to play with other kids. kdg2 budak2 tu x main pun dgn dia, tp zairil nih punyala excited, jerit2, gelak2 bila tgk kawan2 dia lari2, kejar2. lps tu dia pun nak join sama. zairil nak kawan ke? nanti zairil ada adik nanti, zairil main dgn adik ok =)
  • he eat basically anythg, kayu batu pun makan =D but i think he doesn't like tomato, coz he will spit it out da second i put it in his mouth. or anythg yg slimmy mcm jelly, he doesn't like it dat much.
  • bila ckp 'sak' 'sak', dua jari telunjuk dia akan mcm pick up sumthg, lps tu masukkan jari2 tu dlm mulut kita. klaka sgt, nak suapkn ibu apela tu sayang?

dah setahun setengah dah anak ibu nih, ure so big already =) grow healthy and happily ok hunny. ibu sayang zairil like always =)

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