Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Zairil @ Hamzah's Birthday Party =)

 seronok tgk diorg main sama-sama

 F&B - sedap =)

 play time again

 the four of us

main main dan main

(all pichas taken from mawar's fb)

on Saturday, May 21 we're invited to attend Hamzah's birthday party. since hp had sumthg to do later dat evening, we arrived a bit early, which is around 12.30. dis is da 2nd time we went to Nilai Impian, da 1st one when we attend Afni&Yus wedding. so we're a bit familiar around dat area.

we're da 2nd guest when we've arrived. so zairil played with hamzah. hamzah sure had a lot of toys!!! suka tgk zairil dgn hamzah main mainan sama-sama. then zairil had his tour around hamzah's house, sampai ke dapur si kecil nih! nak tolong2 aunty mawar dkt dapur ke sayang?

after a while, we help ourself with da F&B spread. There are beef bolognaise spaghetti,roti jala with kari ayam and veg, candies and jelly, home baked colourful cuppcakes, sandwiches and red grapes, kuih apam tepung beras, tropical fruit punch, mineral water. i like da spaghetti especially, while zairil likes evrythg on da menu. and he manage to spill drink from da tv rack to da carpet below. i'm teribly sorry mawar =(

later, mawar packed some of da F&B since hp waited outside. he said he's gladly waited for us to hv some time with aunty mawar & hamzah. thank you for being super patience as always =)

thank you mawar and hamzah for having us at your 1st birthday party. we would love to see you both again.

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