Monday, May 30, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 5th Class - Level 3

...for dis post, it'll be about da 5th time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board for Level 3 Class...

~ 22th May 2011 ~

we arrived a lil wee bit late, but we didnt miss da 1st session. da 1st session is like... umm, da london bridge song is being played while babies and mummies go under teacher watie's and firdaus's mummy hands. i dnt kno wat dis is activity is called, but it was fun. only si kecil a bit cranky, a bit late to warm up for da activities.

later, we played da stacking game. teacher watie gave us each six cups dat we can stack up any way we likes. si kecil loves to tumble it down rather than building it up. so it's a bit hard to build it bcoz he will tumble them up in a second. but, it was an exciting activity nevertheless =)

next we have da busy box like usual. and bubbles and para-para rides and da dancerxise definitely. eventho it takes time for si kecil to warm up to da activities, but seeing him happy with all da other babies, makes me even more happy to bring him again and again to da playgroup =)

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