Saturday, May 07, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 3rd Class - Level 3

...for dis post, it'll be about da 3rd time we attend playgroup @ gbob for Level 3 Class...

~ 1st May 2011 ~
this will be the 1st time ever we arrived early!!! well, there's a reason behind it ofcoz. we've planned to go to da airport and met net before her flight, but it really is like the perfect saying... kita merancang, Allah yang tentukan.

anyway, we waited for a few minutes coz there's only three babies in da house. later the class started with dancerxise. had a few lapse of good dancerxise, with da good morning song. but dis is only for da warm up session, and there's more to come =D

after that, we played with kompang?! i dont kno wat is it exactly, but its a bit like a kompang, so kompang it is. zairil loves to ketuk2 kompang nih, so ketuk2 is wat he did. nxt teacher watie brought out a stick?! and babies ketuk2 da kompang with da stick this time. this activity is to promote babies grasping, and encourage them to tappy tappy tap da kompang ofcoz.

next, teacher watie handout each babies with a box-with-a-jiggle-thgy. being babies, they with shake and shake da box-with-a-jiggle-thgy and later they will try to open and see what inside it. they will be rewarded with a shaker!!! how cleverla teacher watie to come out with brilliant ideas to educate lil babies =)

later is da dancerxise time!!! i love it, i think i love it more than si kecil. bcoz he loves to run around rather than join in da dancerxise. a lot of songs indeed to dance off with. love it love it love it =)

and of course we had da bubbles and para-para time. i think this is what zairil enjoyed da most. he tried really hard to catch the bubbles and giggle happily under the parachute. loves to see him happy, made all my troubles to fade away =)

loves to see you happy zairil, ibu sayang sangat zairil =)

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