Monday, August 23, 2010

@ Six Months

  • love to tarik my hair sampai tercabut beberapa helai, and masukkan dalam mulut, abisla butak rambut ibu mcm ni =/
  • can berguling2 dah, letak kejap jer atas comforter, sampai ke hujung dah berguling2.
  • he can change his position while sleeping, which is great bcoz sumtimes i will change his position myself. mcm kesianla rasa belakang dia panas jer baring statik lama2. so ubah2 kan la masa tgh tdo, now dah pandai pusing2 sendiri, good job hunny =)
  • he will cry if he sees hp walk away w/o holding him. klu ibu pegi, xdela pulak nanges. owh sungguh jelesnye =/
  • can scream @ da top of his lungs dah. especially if we went somewhere yg a bit crowded, maybe he didnt feel comfortable kot with his surrounding.
  • he doesnt like sleeping in his buai dah. he will cry yg sedehnye sampaila kitorg angkat dia. now he can sleep atas katil dgn tepuk2 n ofcoz nanges2 kejap. then he will fall asleep. but if we both x larat nk comfort him to sleep, da buai is still in use. after he is in deep sleep, then we will put him in his crib.
  • suka tepuk2 muka kitorg, and when i say sumthg, he will cover my mouth n gelak2 bile his hand bergerak2 along with my mouth. sgt klaka, ke nak suruh ibu diam nih?

hmm, i think dis is all from my observation dis month. i cant believe how quickly he grow up, and watching evry lil thg dat he did, really made my day =)

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