Thursday, August 05, 2010

@ Five Months

  • can roll over from both side dah, but he still prefer to roll over from da right side.
  • i thought he can say e-bu or abu for me, rupanya dats his preparation to blow bubbles. now he's salivating a lot and love to blow bubbles and we have to wear him bib all da time.
  • love his bath time, suka splish splash all da water smpi tinggal sket je dalam tub. i have to bathe him first or else have to take another shower sbb baju sume sudah abis basah.
  • sudah beratnye nak diangkat and didukung. hp will hold and carry him around bcoz my bad pinggang cant take it and il endup in tears sbb x tahan la saket pinggang nih.
  • suka masukkan jari dalam mulut sendiri then offer masukkan dalam mulut org dgn tgn yg penuh dgn air liur. so kena watch out and jauhkan tgn dari muka or else penuh air liur dkt muka.
  • his no. 2 is getting better. before dis, i have to remember when is da last time he poop. sgt risau and it became my daily chant praying he poop after 2-3 days. but his poo isnt hard, but im woried he only poop 2-3 days from da last one. only after i start giving him daily massage dat i learn from da dvd, i notice he poop evry other day. to me, dis is such a huge relief, alhamdulillah.
  • since he had eaten before, so we gave da food from petit gems for 4 months onwards.

hmm, wat else happen during his five months? i guess dis is pretty much it.

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