Sunday, June 20, 2010

~ @ Three Months ~

  • made sounds like agrhh, aga, and e-bu when he needs/wants our attention. owh sgt tersentuh hati when he says ebu sbb bunyinya sgt honest. keep trying to pronounce ibu properly ok hunny?
  • he did roll over once but in his sleep and keep on crying for his milk. sgt klaka, but its a good start, only jgnla cranky biler ibu lmbt bg susu ok.
  • super cranky, like reallly totallly cranky nowadays. owh sgtla susah nk pujuk when he reaches his optimal crankiness! siap nanges jerit2 lg. and i really dnt kno wat to do hunny when ure so cranky. siap ibu buat lagu for ur crankiness tawu.
  • sudah butak, but his hair is growing pretty fast and evenly. cuma dkt x-spot yg x tumbuh2 lg.
  • i think he doesnt like going out much nowadays. super cranky evrytime we went out somewhere.
  • he can pay attention to his surrounding. and can focus to movements we made. tp x lama if he's not interested, he wont even look at us. so kena pandai grab his attention klu nk main2 dgn zairil nih.
i think dis is pretty much wat zairil did and wat i love to watch and cherish. he's such a good boy when he's not cranky n when we attend all his needs immediately. if not, plz be prepared for super crankiness dat can bring tears in his mummy eyes ="(

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