Monday, June 21, 2010

~ @ Four Months~

  • clingy and nanges yg teramat sedeh bile kena dukung dgn someone else beside us. stranger anxiety ke? i guess he only see us and rarely meet evryone. tp bile mood dah settle balik, he wont cry dat much.
  • roll over only to one side je. which is to da right only. still struggling to roll overla tp, but he's getting there.
  • first eat sumthg else than his milk, i didnt quite agree, still nak tunggu till he is six months, tp getting mad @ mil adalah tidak baik. so just put a smiley face jerla. but, mama bg sket, nak bg rasa-rasa jer, well again smiley face has to come out =)
  • can play with da toys on his walker. sebelum nih, tgk n perati je kitorg tekan2 main2, now dat he can with it, adalah time to do sumthing else before he gets bored and demand for our attention.
  • doesnt like his pacifier anymore. penat je try putting in his mouth, coz he keep on spitting it out and cries even louder. jadi, utk menyenyapkan guna puting sudah tidak jalan, kena try to sooth him any other way lah pula.

hmm, guess dis is all i can come up with for his four months activity. watching him grows up really entertaining and nothing more dat i cud wish for just to see his smile and laugh and a bit of those tears crankiness too =)

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