Friday, April 30, 2010

~ @ Two Months ~

  • sudah pandai cebik2. tp i kno he's cebiking not bcoz he's sad (xkanla tgh minum susu pun sedeh kan?) but i dnt kno why evrytime zairil cebik, tersgtla sedeh ='( IABM always goin on lately, dnt kno why sheesh...
  • he can control his movement dah. klu x, asyik terketuk kepala sendri, sgt kesiannye. but its ok, lets us learn together okay hunny =)
  • he's getting heavier dah. owh tersgtla x larat nak dukung2 and comfort him like i used too. tp still lovin to hold him close to me cuma kena pause pegang, letak jap then pegang balik. but skrang sgt best utk dipeluk2 dan dicium2, sgt heaven =D
  • he can smile yg a huge smile yg mcm dlm iklan babies tuh (paham x aper yg ditaip nih?) bile agah2 sket, tp kadang2 lama jugakla nak buat dier senyum and gelak mcm tuh.
  • dah boleh berbaby talk yg sgt bestnyer melayan. if left alone, he will make sound yg tersgtla adorable. tp klu x layan jugak, mmg nanges terus maximum yg fuish susah nk pujuk. tula, x layan lg bile dah panggil gaya comel =/
  • he start to make bubbles with his saliva. comel jer, mcm bestnye nak pop kan all da bubbles, tp aperhal nak join main air liur la pulak =?
  • he likes to suckle his own fingers and hand too. tgh diam2, then dgr bunyi yg comelnye, dan terasa sgtla sedap pulak jari2 dier, huarrghhhh mkn budak =p
  • he wont make such a fuss when we went out to anywhere, tp biler balik tuh mmg a few time, a few episode goin on smpi i myself cried while comforting him down. sgtla sedehnyer nk pujuk anak sendiri =( but biler dah ok, dah senyum balik barula rasa leganye, happynye alhamdulillah thank god =D
i think dis is all dat happen when zairil is two month old. im happy to be around him 24/7. but is it normal to feel tired all da time? or is it bcoz my stamina is getting low? how can i handle another baby when handling zairil alone left me exhausted all da way? i hope i can cope and be the best mother for all of my children, keep praying ain, insyaAllah you will be the best for evryone ok =)

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