Saturday, April 24, 2010

~ Pichas ~

!!! Peek-a-boo !!!

- boo chak -

i'm so lonely, mana ibu ni?

i'm loving dis picture so much, owh geramnye terhadap anak sendiri

dis picture too was my lovin pichas

dis are some of the pichas dat i love looking @ over and over evntho he's just next to me. ofcoz there are more pichas, but i guess dis will do la kan? if you wana see more, you can have a look @ facebook. net, kakin dah tambah lg gmbr dkt facebook. nanti tgk eyh. biler nak jumpe kaklin nih, we miss you so very much. nanti kite jumpe ok, seronoknye kamu nak grad, dah besar dah adik kakin nih. with adik dah practical, gosh you guys are growing up too fast! but im glad evryone is doin great, lets do great altogether ok? aja aja fighting!!!

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