Wednesday, January 06, 2010

~ What We Did ~

Assalamualaikum... ola evryone, hai net!!! how's evryone doin? been great? dat's so great, alhamdulillah =) umm, nak cite ape eyh? byk nak tulis, tp mcm malas. but for your sake net, kakin taip jerla eyh. so for dis post, it will compress on wat we did last two weeks. so here goes...

~ What We Did Last Two Weekends ~

As ive mention previously, we did our checkup. been there since 10 o'clock, but have to wait as usual for bout one hour and a half. kinda a long queue, but its ok coz we have all day since our appointment is evry saturday. da checkup went well, da scan looks good; da placenta is @ da rite place, da fluids pun ok, evrythg pun alhamdulillah okay like da dr. said. no questions asked, except hp asked about my tummy dat keep on jadi tegang and it will hurt me like hall. da dr. said its nothg, da baby need more space to keep growing thus dats y my tummy felt like dat. nothg to worry bout. and da dr. also mention bout da mgtt wic we can do it any time before our nxt appointment, so most probably soon la kot will do da test.

~ What We Did Last Weekend ~

to begin dis new year, on thursday, me n hp are invited to spend a holiday trip with hp's family @ A'Famosa Resort. around 1pm mcm tu, we headed to da resort and bein da m2b, i slept al da way. sgt sleepy n ive no idea whyla tersgt energyless. anyway, da place we stayed is a a villa yg ada swimming pool yg sgt comel and to top dat, it's near da biggest looser asia nye villa. i thought da show is still on goin production, tp villa tuh dah mcm rumah kena tinggal jer. i guess da show must be ended for quite a while dah kan? however, we did snap a few shots dkt dpn rumah itu, il post it later. btw, biggest looser asia sgt drama kan? its like pain in da hall watching them, sgt terasa how loosers asian contestants comparing da us nye contestants, well dis is just my opinion dat is.

after settling with all of our luggage, we went to find a grab to eat, which is in our mind, mau mkn itu ikan bakar. tp susah jugak eyh nak cari ikan bakar eventho we can taste sea salt in our mouth already. so xperla, x dpt mkn ikan bakar, we settled with sumthg else. dat nite, since pak ndak n wan and da kids ada dkt cni, kitorg balik gmbk. and meet evryone. wan like always asked about my work, which is a no no if im not working. but i just smile and talk bout sumthg else. later on, ajak budak2 nih p to da villa, tp diorg pun dah penat, we decided to take them da next day. from rumah mak, we can see da fireworks from genting which is massive and lasted for quite a while, so lepak2 jap dkt luar. afterward, around 3:15, we went out again to see da eclipse, tp since it took ages to complete da whole cycle, we gave up and went to sleep. and we end up waking up late.

after da friday prayer, and had our lunch which is delicious nasi carrot, barula kitorg bertolak p to da resort. sampai around 5.30pm, since nenek pun ada, nenek is so nice, i love her so much already, sembang2, makan2 skit, main2 air dkt pool comel tu, perform asar prayer, barula kitorg p waterworld. 6.30pm kitorg masuk, so budak2 nih complain dpt main air kejap jer. its ok, we'll go again next time la eyh. we did snap some shots, again il post it later. dalam pukul 7.30 we got dressup and leave to find sumthg to eat. we endup eatin dkt ayer keroh r&r, mkn kfc. budak2 ni sgtla happy. later we stayed over dkt rumah mak, since wan and pak ndak balik on saturday. so in da morning, tolong mak buat kuih ketayap, later mak buat laksa coz i realy wana eat laksa. had a great lunch while borak2 dgn mak abah...

and here comes all da flashback from my childhood. mak n abah team up and cite all my budak kicinye cite. it was horrible listening while hp is by my side. abah cite, si ain nih asyik dok gheyau malam2, satu kampung dengaq gheyau tiap2 malam. and how super hyper i am, xleh dok diam, sgt lasak. suka panjat grill when i just knew how to walk. my owh my, im like imaginin da same thing might occur again, dis time with our lo since hp pun quite a child himself. x kesahla, janji our children are healthy, hyper pun ok aper. later on, lps dah mkn, mak pack kuah laksa and mee hoon sup. thanks mak, sayang mak. then we head back to our home.

and dats all about our trip, it was a great time, hopefully we can go there again and have good time with evryone.

~ What We Did Dis Week ~

since we can't find any ikan bakar last week, so dis week me keep on bugging nk mkn ikan bakar dgn pretzel. bein a darling hp, kitorg pun plan nk p pd for ikan bakar which we've no idea where pun. so during da trip, with my back hurt like hall, so we cut da trip short. we endup dkt area bangi. memula kitorg p dkt SOHO seafood, tp da ikan bakar xdela pulak. but thank god almighty dkt rimbun klasik ada ikan bakar yeay!!! im so happy and glad we dnt have to go so far for our diner. overall sgt sedap. we had nasi goreng cendawan, sotong goreng, and ikan pari bakar. so yummy dat we went there three nite!!! but since da third time tuh kitorg pegi pun dah nearly midnite, da sotong goreng mcm tersgtla sedeh still bolehla utk dimkn, and ikan pari bakar jer yg best. so yes, im not asking for more ikan bakar in da near time la kot.

however, for pretzel its quite tricky. first time we wana go to jj, da car's tyre went flat. so had to cancel to jj sbb da kedai 9.30 dah tutup. so dats y we endup mkn ikan bakar again. we did manage to have pretzel and did our first purchase for dis lil one. dis is da time i finally shed a lil tear for my lo. its finally hit me dat lo will be in my arms and finally evrythg will be real. im anxious and patience enough to wait, and hoping dat we will have a lil gal!!! tho da dr. xnk confirmkan whether lo is a boy or a girl. we didnt buy much yet for lo, but not bcoz we didnt love you my lil one, its just dat for da last few months, we focus on da house first so dat when ure here, da house is homey enough for you. and ofcoz your stuff will be on da way soon, so not to worry okey, when da time come, we will have evrythg ready for you okay hunny?

so on saturday, we went for da mgtt. first reading 5.2, and da later reading is 7.8. cukup2 jer reading dier. da nurse ckp quite high, tp for me, asal x lps 8.0 pun dah ok la tuh since da kertas tulis abnormal is 8 and above.

there goes three weeks in a row. sgt mixed up kan? and da pichas il post it up later eyh. take care evryone, have great days, smile like always. assalamualaikum...

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