Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Currently ~

  • wana eat pretzel mcm dlm cite Juno. da pretzel is so huge and yummy looking.
  • wana eat rambutan dkt rumah mak, sgt sedap.
  • wana eat kueh lopes.
  • wana eat kueh lapis.
  • wana eat pulut dgn kelapa dgn ikan masin.
  • wana eat karipap mak buat.
  • wana eat donut mak buat.
  • wana eat kek tiramisu.
  • wana eat laksa mak buat.
  • wana eat mac n cheese. ari tuh try buat sendri, endup da smell is like puke and wasted my whole two hour try to make it eatable. last2 buang dalam tong sampah, wat a waste.

  • having pain like hall bcoz of my legs. sgt rasa mcm nak tercabut and i cudnt stand for too long.
  • asyik masak kari; kari ikan, kari ayam, kari ikan balik, then kurma ayam, then kari ayam some more. wat a high calorie diet la nih ain...
  • periuk yg mak bg dah tercabut dienye telinga, both side pulak tuh. now periuk itu telingaless. and maknye tupperware lid ari tuh sumhow terendup termasuk dlm telingaless periuk itu dan dimasak bersama-sama kari ayam. sgt magic da lid x cair pun evntho it's in boiling pot! tp da shape sgt weird looking and i had to masak da kari alover again. we dnt wana risk makan plastic. now, ive to find a replacement tupperware for mak = '( hopefully adala design lebey kurang sbb tupperware tuh dah lama sgt dah, around 17 years and still leh pakai lg. tp skrang tidak lg...
  • my external hard disk rosak, and i kinda broke pc dkt office nih. evn i have it degree, technically i dont wana learn pun da technical part of computer. usually, klu pc rosak jer, bgtau hp and he will repair it for me. rite now, hp accesing da hd and transfer from pc to black box, and pc nih pun hp dah repairkn. thank god, thank you hunny =)
  • hyper sensitive and ultra emo. da other day, hp asked me to cepat sket pakai telekung untuk smbhyg, i end up crying tears falling like a stream. funny, i guess i try very hard to seek for attention, wat a baby sheesh...
  • my first trimester feeling such as wana throw up by any smelly thingy, kepala pening, and all dat is coming back. is dat normal?
  • tetiba terjeles with my unborn baby bcoz of all da attention she will get from her daddy, ntah hape2 i kno. i hope dis is all just hormon thingy goin on here. ain, plz stop it before it deluded your mind.
  • excited kaklin nak balik dis coming friday! it's short, but hopefully we can see each other eyh, miss you like crazy already. dtgla rumah kakin tawu...
  • still didnt kno da gender of my lo, but im wishing for my lil gal, so i think it's a gal we're having =)
  • happy with all da progress and new things happening dkt rumah mak. ada kolam ikan abah buat, dah letak tar sket dpn rumah, ada stove baru, ada perabot baru and currently renovating da toilet. im constantly worried about mak, but with new things happening around da house, hope it will make mak happy and content with evrythg.
  • praying mak, abah, naim n bb dapat pegi umrah dis coming february like already planned. again, hoping evryone will be happy and have a good time performing their prayers.
  • my upper right tummy till now felt so numb bcoz of da movement of lo. sgt kuat, and sumtimes i asked her to slow down and suruh dier take a nap. it really hurt evrytime she moves, i end up teary and buat muka kesian dkt hp. but looking @ pitiful hp face, terus sakit td hilang. he's so sweet =)
  • seeing evrythg hp does, talks and evrythgla sgt comel. his comel smile, his comel face, to which hp reply, im having chronic baby longing syndrome. so pathetic, i kno...
  • my belly is growing huge!!! tp a bit dissapointed sbb da belly button didnt pop up pun. hp said, dats my measurement of pregnant belly and wat it took to convince myself dat im pregnant. yup, dats so true but now seeing my big belly and how hard lo moves, im convince enough im pregnant.
  • my tummy keep on tightening on and off all day. sumtimes it lasted 2-3 minutes, dat longest is 15 minutes. da pain is bearable, but hp always make a worried look dat made me lagila mengada and acted mcmla sakit sgt, muahaha, attention seeker betulla kamu nih ain...
  • cant be apart from hp for a longer period. sgt buat mopy and droopy face evrytime he wana go to anywhere, be it to da office or pegi kedai dpn nih. sume nak ikut. endup, he bring me to his office and i get to be with him 24/7. i kno, im super clingy nowadays, hopefully my lo wont copy dis spoiled mummy =(
  • my favourite words are 'amau' or 'anak'. for example, hp said 'habiskan nasik tuh, tinggal sket jer lagi' or 'minum susu sampai abis' or 'dah makan ubat dah' or 'byk x minum air hari nih' to gladly i replied 'amau, anak' if he keep on insisting me to eat/finish sumthg, i endup throwin a bit tantrum and he just smile. seeing him smile, made me felt stupid, and i did wat he asked me anyway. wats wrong with me nih?
so, dis is my current ramblings for da time being. sgt ntah hape2, plz excuse dis super ultra emo and sensitive x bertempat mummy to be nih. praying dat dis whole drama queen thingy wont spread and grow on my lo. but i think, im okay now. dah x clingy sgt, and i can leave hp alone without bugging him so much. temporary mood swing i guess. will write some more, but nanti2 la, if i felt like doing so. take care evryone, assalamualaikum...


ellyWong said...

wahhhhhhhhhh.. so many things happening. yes yes i bet it's just the hormone dear. ;)

you take care and eat good food. :D

MiShi_Ka said...

ain! i miss you soooo much! hope that u r healthy and doing well...would really like to see how u look like now...picture pls!! take care!!

p/s: kuatkan semangat and tabahkan hati...inilah pengorbanan ibu...u da best!

.:fara:. said...

sekali dia update b=panjang gile!
tp berbaloi baloi..

take care ain,and hopefully that ur lil one tak ambik too much attention nnt frm ur hubby nnt.. ;)

yes dibah, setuju..nk tgk gmbr plss..

Aton said...

ehehe..ain, mcm2 la kaan..sama gak aton pon..super emo, tiap minggu nak merajuk jugak, pastu sanggup lapar sebab merajuk punya hal..itulah ujian Allah bg untuk ibu kot ye..btol tak elly? apa2 pon, moga ain happy, ceria dan dpt deliver on time ya..semoga segalanya dipermudahkan..insyaallah

ain alida said...

to elly : yes, so many thing is happening rite now sampai pening =) hopefully dis hormone thingy will go away soon before my lo arrive. elly pun take care eyh =)

to dbah : pichas tuh ada, tp nak transfer ke pc ala ala mcm la susah sgt, again drama queen. nanti il put da pichas. my tummy is super huge! i hope people will take note dat im pregnant, not a fat lady =(

to fara : muahaha, dats tipical me la, suka mengarut in one go. ha ah, rasa sgt panjangnya tulis smpi mcm terasa ada carpal tunnel syndrome lak masa menaip. i hope so too, hopefully lo xdela attention seeker shgt, nanti saye sgt jeles, muahaha. but again, now im okay, can't wait for her to come out and play with us anyway. will post da pichas later eyh.

to aton : kan aton, tp merajuk tu sebenarnya best sbb terasa disayangi bile dipujuk =D jgnla tahan lapar, bile merajukla kena makan banyak2, baru best =p thanks aton for da wish, terasa sgt ceria pula hari nih =D aton pun take care eyh

Nadya said...

ain..xpe den pun same je perangai cmtu..blame the hormones..hehehe

btw, ain check up ktne?azzahrah ke?dr mane?

papepun..take care ye..semoaga baby n mommy sehat..doa2kan kite gak ek..=D

ain alida said...

yup nadya, meh kite blame da hormones bersama-sama.

umm, ha ah, kitorg checkup dkt azzahrah and planning for da delivery to be there.

dr. ape eyh? umm, x ingtla nama dier. tp evrytime checkup dr. yg sama. nanti dis saturday il take note her name eyh.

im praying for you and lil one to be safe, to be happy and ceria like always. klu rasa x ceria, meh kite blame hormone eyh.

take care nadya =)

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

awwwww... loving the belly!! ;) no worries.. braxton hicks tu mmg biasa rasa time2 ni.. nnt dah deliver, announce ok? :)

ain alida said...

thanks knits =) yup, da hicky is pretty usual dah lately nih.

me love me tummy too, sgt best hari2 tgk tummy nih membesar =D