Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~ Stories ~

assalamualaikum... ola evryone, halo net! i dnt kno why, but i teribly miss you. realy realy miss you. mcm lmbt lg jer kaklin nk balik. hopefully time fly fast so dat i cud see you again net. then we can have our chat n gosip eyh?

sorry for da lack of attention to dis blog. i felt teribly sorry to you net for not writing regularly. i dnt kno why, but lately ive been having a lot of anxieties and worries so hence no writing for me. i tried to have conversation with hp but stil dis butterflies wont go away. heck, ive no idea wat kind of anxiety or worry dat im having. all i kno dat im anxious n find it's hard to sleep @ nite. i guess it's just me kan, nothg to worry bout.

anyway, moving on to wat to write. umm, actually like usual i'll cramp evrythg in one go la eyh. nothg much has happen dis past couple of weeks. only story bout hari raya haji dat i didnt find da words to write. so guess i shall write bout it rite away...

~ Story Bout Raya Haji ~

i kno its way late to write bout it. so for da sake of writin, i mumble about it anyway la eyh. umm, raya haji start with us watchin da new moon dat ended about 11.00 pm. actually we went to mv pretty late, so we miss da part dat bella almost become diner for da cullens. so after da movie, we went back to gombak, to hp's home. and we stayed for da nite. so come raya da next day, mama cooked wonderful dishes dat till today im craving for it. so after hp came back from prayer and we had our breakfast/raya dishes, we went to banting, to hp's grandparent home. we stayed till noon, had wonderful lunch, hp and me also took a detour to pantai morib, and after dat we went to klang, also hp grandparent home. during our visit to klang, dis soothing and overwhelm feeling surround me. nenek klang realy remind me of tok. and i felt so comfortable and welcome there. she's so nice and i love her instantly. we had our diner and then waved our goodbyes.

later, we arrived @ rumah mak. sume org pun dah tdo except all da boys la who are busy playing games. naim yg bukakkan pintu. how sweet si naim nih. anyway, had a lil chat with evryone, time for snooze off. in da morning, abah went to masjid to helped with da korban, while evryone else duduk dkt rumah la. mak planned to do bbq later @ nite bcoz there's a lot of daging in da house. so later @ nite, we had great time bbq all da daging. sgt sedap, and da daging korban is different kan for normal daging? alhamdulillah, is great to have wonderful meals with our loves one kan? kak izam and family came and also kawan2 abg. so da more is da merrier. but i called da nite early, since im way too exhausted like usual.

we spend da weekend @ mak n mama home. it was a pleasurable and wonderful raya haji. i like it, and hopefully we can see everyone again in near future. and hopefully we can see dis lil one too so dat nxt raya we can celebrate together kan hunny?

~ Story Bout Our Home ~

da furniture had arrived! so net, mehla dtg cni nanti eyh. kinda happy bcoz we manage to turn dis place into quite a homey la. ofcoz a lot to be done, but im happy with wat we have rite now. and after we settle da house, next agenda is to focus on dis lil one. a lot of stuff to buy ofcoz, but we have plenty of time to do dat, and we're planning to settle evrythg for dis lil one nxt month insyaAllah.

~ Story Bout Lil One ~

we're looking forward for our nxt appoinment dis saturday. hopefully my bp will be alrite dis time. da pretty stars come and go but im not having too much of a headache lately, so dats a good start (except masa raya haji due to mkn byk sgt daging i think). lil one keep on making moves dat sumtime made me feel like throwing up. i mean, all da movements is pretty hard, and im always amazed by dis strong movements.

still people keep on saying how kecik my perut is. i wonder how big my tummy shud be so dat people will take me as pregnant not bcoz im fat. whenever i say dat im pregnant, they will say "yea ke, x nmpk perut pun" probably bcoz i dnt wear maternity cloth kot? bcoz i can still fit my usual jeans and my baju kurung pun muat. nonetheless, as long as when i asked hp "besarkan my perut?" and he will smile and repeat da same answer, im okay with anythg dat anyone said.

~ Story Bout Weddings ~

congratulation for mimi & hubby for their wedding last weekend. minta maaf mie x dpt nk dtg. tp papepun, aku doakan ko akn bahagia dunia akhirat. ko adalah kawan yg best, and aku doakn yg terbaik buat ko eyh. all da best mie =)

last weekend also there's a wedding of hp's uncle i think. he's hp uncle and he's younger than us! regardless, congratulation to both. may they have happy life together and be there for each other. so overall, its a very nice wedding. we arrived late as usual, but its good since not many guest left and only families remain. we had quiet a few chat with evryone and hp told me whose who and i think i met hp entire clan. ofcoz some cudnt make it but its great to see some familiar faces around. im like usual put a fake smile on me face, and engage to some of the conversations. boleh lah, asalkn i can carry myself n hp is always around to comfort me in these awkward situations.

~ Story Bout Evrythg Else ~

i think i wrote evrythg dat i cud possibly think of. il update with da checkup nanti eyh. hopefully we cud find out whether dis lil one is a girl or a boy. if not, then we will have to wait till next year then. i hate surprises and i hate waiting. but if dis lil one wont reveal him/herself, we just have to wait then. so datsit. will write some more insyaAllah. gudluck net for your exam. asal call/msg kamu jer net, mesti exam is lurking around. kakin yg dgr pun sgt pening. but im sure you can do it, i kno u can! aja aja fighting!!! all da best eyh, YOU CAN DO IT!!! - shout out like cite longest yard!

orite evryone, take care, drink plenty of fluid, have plenty of rest and smile like always. assalamualaikum...


kaklin said...

i miss u too..see u cuti nanti..jage kesihatan and d baby..sy da hbs exam,weehuu, now bored..nnti rjin2 tulis on ur blog, i'll read, hehe, sebok je kan..

kakin said...

ai net! wah, sudah abis exam!dats great news! umm, orite, il write more then. tp mcm malas, muahaha. wokeh, nanti kite jupe eyh, cant wait!!!