Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lifted Up

What to tell for this post yea? umm, first n foremost, my feeling kinda down for the last few weeks... due to i dunno, lack of everything? but today, im in a good shape, good mood so i wana write a little sumthingla. umm, i heard a very happy news and im verryyy happy about it. congrats elly, i hope evrythg will be fine and im hoping to attend the baby shower and meet the sweetest newborn one day. babies do bring unexplainable warm and comfy feelings. seronok dapat pegang babies, they are so joyous and make me smile constantly. to which recently i got to hold one, namanya mohd. afiq danial. afiq ni baby kak ani, bos dkt tmpt keje lama. tp seronok dpt tgk afiq and dpt pegang die. i do wish for another adik at that moment, but i dont think my parent will have another one. well, then i have to wait for my own then =)

apa lagi mau cite, ohohoh... silly me and you know what? my cimbclick account got suspended several weeks ago. its because i kept on entering the wrong userid and the p/w... till the account finally got suspend. but now i got to unsuspend my suspend cimbclick account, horray!!! thanks to the customer care (which is hard to get through) my account is back to business!!! phew... that's about it, dah tara papa mau tulis, signing off...

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