Thursday, May 10, 2007

Need Some Eye Drops

i just come back from clinic and i've a bad news with me... me had a sakit mata and it can infect others near me. so tomorrow got myself an MC, so tak payah pegi sekolahla. i don't want the student having a reason for not coming to school. i think i know i got this sakit mata!!! this afternoon, i went to take a photograph at greenwood. i noticed this guy at the counter who had a red eye. in my heart i say "kesian dier sakit mata". Suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my eye. i neglected the pain and kept on rubbing my eye with the hope that it will be better in a minute. but, unlucky me... it get worst. now at this very moment, i can have a direct eye contact with no one and i have to walk around wearing my glasses. my eye doesn't hurt much and saya redhala dapat sakit mata ni. but i do hope that my eye will be better soon...

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