Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Naim - BB

today on 8th May, is my youngest brother's birthday and all he wishes for today is to have couple slices of pizza, some mushroom soup, garlic bread plus bread stick. all that matter to him is to have pizza and soup. doesn't matter if you have a cake or not as long as the yummy pizza is in front of his nose, then it would the best birthday ever. hmm, this is simply a wish come true because late in the afternoon my eldest brother went to buy the pizza and the cake! looking into his eyes, i can see a birthday boy ready to be a grown man. kidding, just kidding!!! naim dah nak besar ke? i don't think so yet because just now he asked my mother to accompany him to sleep. he is really comel to me, and i like to cubit his cheeky cheek. Seeing him before my eyes, all i could really see is the small kiddo whose a bit (actually banyak) naughty but at the same time all the things he does or says make you smile even wider. but now, he's a bit grown up, so dah tak brape comel sgt dah (budak lelaki comel ke? blasah jerla kn)

For the latest news, i wanna congrats and wishes all the best for those who about to enter a new phase in their lives!!! Selamat Pengantin Baru dan semoga kekal ke anak cucu hendaknya... (dalam hati: bilala nak join mcm mereka yea? to be able to have the Mrs/Puan title... haish =/) i am happy hearing such wonderful news yet at the same time i envy those who are you know, married... i do want to have some one who you can rely on, put your heart on your sleeve for him, to feel secured, to finally claim that he is truly yours. but, still i think i can wait for couple more years, is it? ah well, until the time come i better keep my mouth shut. i mean, i can talk on and on about it, but it just a waste of time. as for my concluding, anticipating for something to happen demand waiting and drooling over yourself for years before you could actually taste it...

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