Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Teacher Wanna Be

Day : Thursday
Date : 29 March 2007
Venue : 2 Gigih

Being a teacher...
It's a heck of a job!!
But it was worth the experience
Some days you're feeling at the top of the world
Yet some other day you're begging that everyday is Sunday!!!

Some student make you smile
Some make you do the devil grin
Some show and teach you to be a teacher
Some make you feel like a looser

But, being a teacher...
It bring tears and joyful time
As you stray along the memory lane
Where once you're just like them
Honest, sincere, fragile, vulnerable
and being so naive about life, about the future

Looking into their eyes
Seeing their thirst for knowledge
Which sometime is misunderstood
And often we took it as a fool

So, being the teacher...
Always remember everyday is a new day
Learn to forgive and forget
After all we are just human
Even though they make you cry
Maybe some day they will make you smile
The sweetest smile you ever put on your face
With success and story to tell
Which you used to mistaken them,
As the student from hell!!!

Written by a 2 months old wanna be teacher

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