Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cross Road - Heart or Mind?

Been longing to update the blog, but some how couldn't catch up with the time... it's not that i'm too busy or anything, it's just that for me to write my mind; i need a clear space and handful of time to put my mind into it. but if i wanna write my heart, all i need is some imagination and i could run free all day writing and sharing what is inside the heart. now i'm in a cross road; whether to write my mind or my heart. um, what's the different between heart and mind? dat's a good question. you see, writing the heart is like spilling a glass of water. the water will spill in any direction it wanna goes to. but to write the mind is very complicated, is like weaving a very delicate silk into a beautiful piece of cloth. well, between the heart and the mind, i always prefer the heart and i like listening to my vulnerable, hypersensitive and dippy heart.

i guess writing my heart isn't as bad as i think it would be. other than broken grammar and plenty of jabber and babble, i think it would be a good post for any one to read it write, wouldn't it? so, never expect any educational materials from this blog, because i can assure that none will be written in it (since i'm letting my feelings running wild in this blog, not my thoughts). if you find any grammar mistake, that would be an honest mistake. if you find any spelling mistake, that would be a "care less" mistake =P

all and all, hail to the heart!!! because you are the chosen one over the mind for this blog. from this moment, i hope you will pardon and excuse any mistakes i made while writing my heart out. it's due to unthinkable act of a person who really couldn't care less for a minute to stop and think whether she have wrote good sentences, whether it's a piece of junk or not, or et cetera and et cetera. all she ever cared is to write wat's inside her heart hurriedly and putting the full stop at the end of the final sentence. So this mean, this post is absolutely a piece of crap telling that if you find anything confusing, misleading or baffling, just ignore it okay? this is my way of expressing my expressions by pressing and typing all the explosions and tensions inside my heart. so thank you for your time, and i hope my explanation will reduce any curiosity and complexity that lies beneath your perplexity and anxiety =)

Dearest Me,
Ain Alida


elly wong said...

hehehehehe... panjang lebar explanation... cute!! ;)

ain alida said...

cute ke?tgh pening pala sebenanya, writing publicly kena pk byk sequences and consequences.unlike writing the conventional way,i seldom think b4 writing. end up, mengarut2 jer tulis,tp i felt satisfied and can move on with any obstacles ahead of me. internet writing really gave me a headache, but im not complaning much, am i? kira, if there's any mistakes just close an eye for it wokeh? =)