Tuesday, September 06, 2011

~ Happy 1 Year & 7 Months ~

~ Happy 1 Year & 7 Months Hunny Bunch ~

~~ Happy 2 Years & 3 Months For Us ~~


Aan Andes said...

Hey u pregnant again! I know it's a bit late, but congratulations!!!! Take good care of yourself ya..rest cukup2, dah ada budak kecik tu penat sikit :p

Ain Alida said...

yup aan, im pregnant with my 2nd one =) ni dpt berkat dari aan ni =D

tq aan, and im very happy babyG already arrived safely in your arms, alhamdulillah.

betul2, sgtla penat nk layan budak kecik, and da growing tummy making me exhausted all da time. but can't wait for dis little little one to arrive too =)