Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Walk @ Da Park

 Happy Running Along

kan dah jatuh 

meh pegang tangan ibu, kita jalan sama-sama ok

Happy to be carried away =)

these are the pichas taken when we are having some walk around tasik cempaka, bangi. it was such a lovely evening, and we had such a great time circling da park. it was a good walk, would love to do it again =)


ellyWong said...

he's grown sooo much!!!! elly baru start track back blogs! hihihi.. lama gile busy :P

Ain Alida said...

yup elly, dah besar dah si kecil ni. i guess we need another lil one in da house =D

mesti elly busy like a bee kan? but do update blog elly jugak please. nak baca cerita2 best elly =)