Sunday, September 12, 2010

@ Seven Months

  • suka main anythg to do with plastic; be a plastic bag, keropok plastik, ape2 jela yg bunyi mcm plastik. there's dis one thgy @ da playmat yg bunyinye mcm plastik bile dipegang, dats wat he loves to play with.
  • owh dah sedeh jugak bile ibu bgn and leave him a while. seronok =p tp mcm ala mcm mana nk buat mende lain nih, si kecil?
  • can poop evn twice a day now, alhamdulillah. before start eating solid, im like so worried thinkin when was da last time he poop. now, da smell of stinky poo really made my day evryday =D
  • sgt kuat melompat2, menendang2. mostly hp will carry him bcoz my bad pinggang really sakit evrytime wana hold him. i miss holding him =/
  • he doesnt quite fit his crib dahla skrang. nxt agenda nk belikan crib yg besar so dat he wont hv any trouble to rolling2 while falling to sleep.
  • method of movement is roll and roll till he get to where he wana go, or wat he wana reach.
  • dah nmpk mcm ada putih2 kat bwh gusi, tp xde pun gigi. cume graf cranky agak meningkat lately. really testing me patience =/
  • bile diaper change or wana put his cloth on, kena bg sumthg for him to hold on. like his ducky, or baby wipenye plastic til i get him done. sumtimes hv to wrestle with him a bit sbb suka sgtla nk tergolek2, then i will rasa nk nanges sbb my pinggang hurt like hall, then kena panggil hp settle kan. owh anak ibu, plz play nice with mummy hunny =>
  • n while nursing, kena pegang tutup botol susu barula leh concentrate nak habiskan. if not kena struggle jugakla nak habis, dgn nak berpusing2 lg. sungguh mencabar pinggang!
  • love thumbsuckin tp his left thumb! haiyo, mcm mana ni? tp xpela kn sbb baby lg, since im da one yg did da cleanin bumbum, hopefully dis habit will wear out later2. tp he also fingersuckin his two right fingers, yg ni xperla kan sbb jari kanan. hopefuly he will only fingersuckin his rights jerla, amau jari tgn kiri okeh hunny =)

umm, dis is wat happen during his seven months. he's doing great as a baby, it's me yg not in a good condition to handle him. while patience is really brushing off my sleeve, really testing n putting me to da limit, ive to breathe deep and chanted over n over dat it wont be forever like dis. dis is just a small period of toughness till my bad pinggang pain go away. so plz bad pinggang pain, plz go away plz... =')

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