Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~ @ One Month ~

  • geleng2 kepala if he doesnt want da thg dat we put inside his mouth. be it pacifier or his milk. ofcoz he doesnt kno yet dat geleng2 kepala meaning xnk, dat is his way to stop us from shoving thgs dat he doesnt want. klu kitorg sumbat jugak, let say milk. at first zairil akan geleng2 kepala, then tolak2 dgn lidah. if we keep on insisting, he will drink it but he wont swallow it. endup, kena tukar baju sbb baju basah dgn susu. he's so funny =)
  • likes to practice his facial expression while sleeping. he will smile, kerut dahi, cebik, tetiba menangis yg sgt sedeh without any particular reason or sometimes even laugh. he's so cute =)
  • most of the time he loves his bath, sometime he hate it. since he's bigger now, i took da liberty to bath him, yay for me!!! before dis, hp bathe him. now i have da gut to bathe him myself, i feel like a real mother! dat i can do evrythg a mother could do =) i self proclaimed i am a mother now, finally phew =)
  • i can place him on his tummy by myself now! before dis, takut nak terbalik2 kan zairil, pegang pun mcm pegang kaca, sgt berhati2 smpi tgn pun terbelit2 endup mintak tolong hp pegangkan. now, i can handle him with more position and not so awkward anymore.
  • he can lift and support his head for quite a while. when i put him on my chest to burp him, he will lift his head and move it right to left. but there's dis one time, couple of second i divert my attention somewhere else, he suddenly terslam his head on my mouth, youchhh!!! luckily he didnt cry, but it left a red mark on his forehead. IABM syndrome goin on for a while, but hp reassure dat zairil is fine and be careful to never do it again.
  • he loves to squirm and wriggle and strech till his face become red. then he will terbarf his milk and i will smell like milk.
  • before putting him to sleep, have to make sure his ritual, which is to make sure he's in deep sleep. or else, after we put him down, for a few second he will peep with his eyes, then squirm and wriggle, then a warning cry before mata menjadi bulat and it will another 1-2 hour to put him to sleep again.
  • he wont cry much while we're in da car. he can sleep for hours without crying, but when we arrive home, where's da magical moment gone? he will 'mata bulat' and da sleep process take longer than ever.
  • his cries is different now. and he's a bit patience. before, he will cries at da top of his lungs and susah nk pujuk when he cries at dis point. now, please attend him when he let out da warning cry before da peak cry come along.
  • he likes to do kira-kira with his fingers. i guess he has my habit masa mengajar dulu-dulu. yup, i like to count with fingers and i teach budak2 itu to use their fingers before mastering counting evrythg in their head.
  • he will hiccups if we didnt burp him properly which will remind me of masa time mengajar dulu boleh pulak terhiccup. thank god it lasted for a minute and budak2 nih xdela pulak nk tergelak. i guess i cover it up pretty well.

in his pj, ready to sleep dah ibu!

waiting for his milk, hurry up ibu!!!

sudah berjaya meletak meniarapkan dier. sleep so soundly =)

sudah berjaya memandikan zairil =) syabas ain!!!

happy and all smiley =D

banyakkan taip pasal zairil? i guess it's because i watches evry moves and evry thgs he does. and evry day a lot of thgs dat he does fascinate me. it's always amaze me how babies can do so many wonderful thgs dat can melt our heart. and yes, he's growing up so fast, again so amazing! it felt like yesterday we're in hospital, gazing our eyes for da first time, now he's nearly two month. grow up happily and healthy my hunny bunch! ibu and ayah will always be here next to you, to shower you will all our love =)


Whitemusk2508 said...

syabas ibu baru :) ...peluk cium utk zairil dari auntie aton yee

ellyWong said...

yes you are mom!!! n ain, you are doing so well!! ;)

ain alida said...

aton : yup, syabas utk diri sendiri, clap clap clap!!! ala aton nih, peluk cium sendirila, meh dtg jupe zairil eyh =)

elly : i'm a mom dah kan? finally =) thanks elly, dat really boost my confident =) you're not bad yourself, insyirah sgt healthy and wonderfully super cute =)

Mawar_Mohamad said...

Cute pics of ur baby Ain ;) good to keep up with his milestones, fascinating ye!Good luck improving being a better mum :)

kak lin said...

he's sooo cute..n sgt la gemok n montel dari last time i saw him..cant wait to see him n u again..keep updating,hehe,leh bace cite pasal cutey zairil..miss everyone lots..

Aan Andes said...

Wahhhhh..me mandikan Zahra masa dia 2 bulan ok, baru berani haha. Enjoy ur time together2, nanti dah masuk keja tak bestnyaaa.. Balik2 baby pun dah ngantuk and tido. Tak main byk sangat :(

ain alida said...

mawar : thanks mawar. hoping to read about you n lil one pulak next time eyh. take care, keep on updating eyh.

ain alida said...

kak lin : ai net =)he is such a cutey when he's not crying lah =p yup, skrang sudah sgt berat, adoyai x larat nk timang2 dah. mcm boleh jer pegi tgk kaklin nye convo, tp its still a plan dat is. praying yg kitorg dpt pegi eyh =)

orite, nanti kakin cite lg pasal budak kecik nih. tp x hari2 kot, sbb kena curi2 gakla nk taip. and we all miss you to la net, bilerla kamu nk balik lg nih. take care net, and gud luck eyh =) muaahhhh

ain alida said...

Aan : nih pun mandikan kejap jer. dlm 2-3 minit. biler dier dah buat muka nk nanges jer, terus angkat.

umm, yup yup.i'm enjoyin all da moment with him, sbb babies nih cpt jer kan membesar. tetiba jer dah eyh, lainnye daripada masa br lahir hr tu kan. zahra sgt comella, suka tgk biler dier senyum =)

Nadya said...

alalala tomeynyeeee...comel je tdo telangkup..hihi eh tapi ade bace yg newborn till 6 months xelok bg die tdo telangkup..takut sindrom ape tah tu..yg boleh bagi die lemas n sesak nafas tu..so always be careful yea..

ain alida said...

nadya : owh really? xtau la pula pasal tu. will be more careful ofcoz. thanks for da reminder =)