Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...The Awaited Pichas...

The cover of the album

The sanding yang x best coz have to sit there and dengar kompang smpi habis which is so freakin long and i was tapping my feet all da way and evryone watching and give me da glares. but do i care? nope, cubela korang duduk dkt cni while evryone is watching, so not comfortable...

together finally. no more duduk like statue anymore

posing again

i thought i would/should cry at this time. but wat i did? i smile and chuckle, im so happy dat i laugh a bit. wats wrong with me?

pokok pose

lagi gaya pokok

enoughla with my pichas already kan?

me and the fruit bucket


MiShi_Ka said...

ain!! omg! ur pregnant!?!?
congrats!! ya allah lamanye tak dgr cite dr ain...tau2 je dah nak jadi mommy dah...gambar kawen sungguh cun melecun! mmg cam doll like ur mil ckp...im so happy for u! cayang ain! hihihi...

ain alida said...

omg!!!ha ah, dah lama x dgr cite kan? dis lil one keep me busy by marathon to da loo =p

thanks dbah dtg hari tu, ure da best ever!

gmbr kawen ada byk lg nih, tp dlm album. nanti nxt time kte jupe we'll have a look @ da pichas eyh.

im happy for you too, mana menghilang, dah lama x update nih? waiting for new post tau.

cayang dbah jugak, take care, selamat berpuasa =)