Sunday, February 18, 2007

Eye On Malaysia - 15 February 2007

For this post, i wanna include some of the pictures taken during my ride of Eye On Malaysia... Well, as you can see it, the quality for the pictures are quite poor and to be honest, i didn't enjoy too much of the ride actually. no need to ask, you do the sum owite? by the look of this gigantic+magnificent+state of the art for this century+this thingy is huge!!! = um, i'm scared of its height... =( when we are at the very top, i couldn't let go of my hands from the chair like i'm clinging for my dear life!!! =(

But it was fun!!! and worth the time and the money. i didn't take much of the scenery because it was too dark and couldn't see a thing from up there. the KLCC doesn't look too stunning for it's picture to be taken and everything else looks too blurry. this picture taken while i was watching for the other carriage went up or down.

this picture suppose to show the KLCC in it. but, who am i kidding? even i myself couldn't see it. well, you have to use your imagination to make the KLCC appear in this pictures... so, this is all i have to say in this post. for the conclusion, just have fun in the carriage and stop being such a wuss. just let your gut down and enjoy the breath taking view. and wear something warm, because it's kinda chilly in there. follow all the precautions and don't do something stupid, then you will be safe and sound till you reach the land. have a great CNY holiday next week!!!

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