Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Adikku Sayang - 10 Malaikat

Yesterday, zairil told me he learned about the Malaikah and he sing this nasyid. To tell the truth, i forgot most of the malaikat's name and their responsibilities. By listening to this song again, i recall the long lost memory. So we sing this nasyid together, and I let Zairil memorize.

Later, I found out that zarif can recite ayat kursi with a few hiccups, which amazed me because I memorize it when i was in standard six. Both of them know most short surah by now, alhamdulillah. I know most children nowadays can recite one juzuk and more, it's just that I'm comparing myself when I was a kid with my kids.

This morning, zarif's teacher told me zarif is the imam for solat yesterday. Hati sangat bunga2... it's because at home, hard to get zarif to pray actually. But when we solat together, sometimes he joined us and baca semuanyalah kuat2 till it kinda disturbed me a bit, susah nak concentrate dengan bacaan sendiri. tersasul2, nak betulkan bacaan zarif one thing, tapi tak boleh sebab tengah solat, pening kepala...

Another thing, zarif today cried his heart out at the front door of the school. I don't know, guess it's the school-holiday-withdrawal-syndrome. All this while, he's okay going to school. Another one year, then you can be with along in the same school okay. For now, we have to keep fighting!!!

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